Doulton 10 inch Candle for Slim Countertop



The Doulton Ceramic Candle is made by Fairey Industrial Ceramics LTD in the UK they produce a range of products including the British Berkefield Candle and the Doulton Ultra Carb Candle.

This cartridge is the new Doulton Ultra Carb which fits into the Doulton Stainless Steel 10″ countertop water filter.

The Ceramic Cartridge is designed for use in “pressure” filters not gravity water filters. It works using a three stage filtration process.



There are 2 standard types of mount (long and short). The length of mount required is determined by the type of housing into which it is to be fitted.


The short mount is ¾ inch or 19mm long. The candle sold on this page is the short mount.


The long mount is 1 ¼ inch or 36mm long.


Three Stages of filtration


Stage 1

The first stage provides sub micron filtration which provides filtration of bacteria, cysts and turbidity

Stage 2

The Doulton Candle has silver incorporated into the strutcure which gives the cartridge unique self steralising properties which means you never have to stearlise the ceramic filters manually. This is unique in that other cartridges are impregnated with silver, the Doulton range have it built in to provide un matched performance.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is a carbon block which is inserted inside the ceramic, this also contains lead and heavy metal removal media ensuring that this filter will remove not only chlorine and disinfectant by products but also will remove almost all the contaminates from the water supply. As with all carbon block cartridges, this candle will not remove fluoride.

Chlorine reduction @ 2ppm-97%

Particlate reduction Class 1
Cyst Reduction(inc cryptosporidium and giardia)-99.999%
Turbidity Reduction-97%
Lead reduction @150ppb- 98.3%
Capacity- 2300 Litres
Recommended Flow Rate- 1.9LPM

Absolute Filtration (To 0.9Micron)- 99.99%
For Particles Between 0.5 and 0.8 Micron – 99.98%
Reduces Harmful Bacteria (E.Coli,Cholera,Shigella,Salmonella,Klebsiella)- 99.99%


Filter capacity 2200 litres