Billi 994001 5 Micron Replacement Water Filter



The Billi 994001 replacement water filter cartridge will Remove/Reduce Dirt, Rust, Sediment Particles, Chemicals, Chlorine.

5 Micron Triple Action Filter with Scale Inhibitor to help stop scale build up and protect elements and boilers.

The 994001 filter now replaces many of the older Billi swing change filters including the twin filter sets.

Replaces single filters 990402, 994002, 990356, 990413, 990415

Replaces twin filter sets 990412 and 990414 and Q10C by using a 994001 in the left-hand side and a reusable filter by-pass insert 854100 in the right hand side, as the new 4 stage filter does the job of the old twin filter set.

The 994001 filters suits the following systems, Eco, Quadra, Eco and Quadra Sparkling, Sahara, Plus systems and the Alpine 125

Cartridge recommended service life 12 months

Dimensions 270mm over all x 83mm