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Clear Choice Water Filters provides high-quality water filters and reverse osmosis systems in Australia. Our products effectively remove harmful chemicals present in tap water, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for our customers.

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Our water Filtration Services

Under Sink Water Flters

Omnipure, Doulton and more

Reverse Osmosis

USA made water purifiers

Shower Filters

Sprite USA bath and shower filters

Alkaline Water

High pH water filters

Whole of House Filters

Filter all of the water going into the home

Replacement Cartridges

Cartridges to fit most makes and models

I have bought the 5 Stage RO system form Clear Choice Water and I’m very happy with quick delivery (2 working days) and the product price. Before I purchase I called and was given answers to my questions, and after delivery they (Kerry) sent me a connector which I accidentally over tighten. All the plumbing is very easy to do, internal connectors are color coded with instructions, but minor plumbing knowledge is required

I had a problem finding cartridges for an old style filter system which I had installed to our espresso machine. Finally decided to replace the manifold and cartridge holders. Also decided to add A filter system to the house. Received intelligent and helpful advice and a prompt and reasonable quote. The delivery arrived in two days as promised.  Top service.


I made the mistake of buying the incorrect cartridge size and I was wondering why my water tasted like normal tap water. They had confirmed I purchased the incorrect size and was VERY KIND enough to simply ship out the correct size at no extra cost, except the shipping. This really helped us out! Good on-ya guys!


There are a lot of water filter companies out there to choose from. If you like professional, knowledgeable, fast, reliable and outstanding service….look no further. Their prices are competitive and they go out of there way to assist you.

I only wish i had done this a long time ago, the quality and taste of filtered water is wonderful.

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