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Alkaline Countertop Reverse Osmosis System



Portable Countertop USA Reverse Osmosis System – Low Waste – High Output*

* Under normal conditions this unit will produce 15 litres of water per hour at a 1:1 Waste to Pure Water Ratio.

The system comes with a 4th stage Omnipure USA Alkaline Cartridge which will raise the pH of the water to approximately 8.5 along with adding beneficial minerals.

This Reverse Osmosis System connects directly to the tap faucet – no under sink plumbing is required. It has been made using high quality USA made filters, and is fully portable. This unit offers an efficient four-stage filtration process. It has been fully factory tested, and comes with a full 10 year warranty (excludes filters which are a disposable item). This filter is hand made by our own plumber.
4-Stage filtration process

DIMENSIONS 34cm x 17cm x 16.5cm

Stage 1 – Sediment / pre-filter

Dust, rust, sludge – particle removal. Omnipure USA

the service life of this filter under normal conditions is 1 year.

Stage 2 – Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter

Chlorine removal – membrane protection. Omnipure USA

this filter will remove chlorine from the water for over 5600 litres or 1 year.

Stage 3 – Ultrafine TFC RO membrane (300 litres per day)

Micro particles removed – 0.0005 microns.

This membrane has a service life up to 6 years.

Stage 4 – USA Alkaline Filter

Final polish – superb tasting water. Raise pH – Omnipure USA



Countertop RO Maintenance


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