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Water Filter Taps

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  • stellar_water_filter_faucet

    Stellar Water Filter Tap

  • Long_reach_water_filter_faucet

    Deluxe Long Reach Filter Tap

  • Fin_Water_Filter_Faucet

    Fin Water Filter Tap

  • antique_water_filter_faucet

    Antique Water Filter Tap

  • petite_water_filter_faucet

    Petite Water Filter Tap

  • Matte Black Stainless Steel Water Filter Tap

  • Stainless Steel Water Filter Tap

  • 3_way_water_filter_faucet

    3 Way Mixer Tap

  • 3 Way Stainless Steel Mixer Tap


Water Filter Tap for Filtered Water
We have a wide range of water filter faucets / taps which will suit any kitchen or taste. We also have a three way water filter tap which can be used to replace your existing kitchen mixer, this means you do not need a separate drinking water tap.

For further information on any of our water filter taps please click on any of the images below.