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Aragon Geyser Tap Mounted Water Purifier



Great for anyone, anywhere, anytime!
Easy install to any tap – No Plumbing just great tasting water!

Produced by Geyser, the most compact of all water filters while delivering the highest purity water imaginable.

The tap adapter can be connected to any water-supply tap making installation so easy with no plumbing or tools required. These devices offer a great choice and an easy way to get filtered water for homes, apartments, resorts, offices, etc.

Just attach a filter to a kitchen faucet and enjoy filtered water directly from your tap.


• Quick Installation
• Easy operating
• No Plumbing or drilling
• Exceptional quality filtered water
• Lightweight and Portable
• Stylish chrome casing

Filter Design

Inside the device is a cartridge of unique material Aragon developed by the Geyser Company. The unique specific & patented features of the Aragon filtering material ensure the comphrensive removal of many occurring contaminants such as: chlorine, iron, heavy metals, as well as bacteria and viruses including hepatitis A at a rate of 1.5 l/min.

All currently known methods water treatment such as: mechanical filtration, ion exchange, sorption, disinfection with silver are used in a single Aragon cartridge.

The filter cartridge within the unit is self monitoring indicating to the user when the filter requires replacing. Effectively the filters pure water flow rate sharply decreases indicating when the filters operational life is drawing to an end.

Urban water 3000 L
Suspended solids > 5 μm 100%
Turbidity 100%
Colour 90%
Chlorine 95%
Lead, Cadmium, Caesium-137 95%
Iron in total 90%
Organic compounds 95%

* Depends of initial water quality


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