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Whole House Filters

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  • Big Blue 20 x 4.5 inch Whole House Water Filter

  • Aragon-Whole-House-Water-Filter-20 x 4.5 Inches


A whole house water filter is the most convenient water filter option available. With a whole home water filter you can enjoy the benefits of filtered water from all taps in the home.

Overall, you can expect all carcinogenic and unnecessary chemicals used to purify water to be removed before they enter the home.

    • Reduces the amount of chlorine vapours released into the air
    • Ensures all taps are chlorine-free. Even when you wash your clothes in the laundry (this tap is often forgotten about), you can be assured there won’t be any nasty chemicals absorbed.
    Is the best method for shower and bath water filtration as it removes impurities at low temperatures

We stock a range of whole house water filters for you to choose from, and all are available with our 30-day money back guarantee.

Experience the difference today, with Clear Choice Water Filters.