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Easy Twist USA Reverse Osmosis



Hand Built in Australia by fully licensed plumbers using USA made cartridges

Best Tasting Water on Tap or your money back! Use this system for 30 days, if you have any issues we will provide a full refund


AS3497 Certified



Dimensions 330mm W x 370mm H x 115mm D

HYGIENIC New housing every time you change the cartridge!

COST SAVING Low running costs* + no need for expensive plumbers – cartridges are easier to change than a light bulb!

MESS FREE No water spills associated with traditional type systems.

HASSLE FREE No need to sanitise old housings, no tools required to change cartridges.

SPACE SAVING Requires almost a third of the space under the sink compared to conventional systems.

EASY INSTALL Can be installed vertically or horizontally, will fit under almost any kitchen sink- slim line design!

QUALITY ASSURED All cartridges are made in the USA – hand built in Australia by qualified plumbers, water mark approved – 10 year warranty.

ABSOLUTE PURITY Guaranteed to remove a wide range of contaminants providing you and your family pure water as close as your tap!

Comes with 12 Litre storage tank, for dimensions of tank and system please click on brochure tab.

Buying Guides

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NSF Certification


dow filmtec

Dow Filmtec membrane treatment rates


Easy Twist Reverse Osmosis Brochure

What's in the box?

  • Reverse Osmosis System assembled with 2 metres of Black, Blue, Red and White tube.
  • Stellar Tap
  • Mains Water Connection and Shut off valve
  • 12 Litre Tank
  • 550KPA Pressure Limiting Valve
  • Drain Clamp fits all standard drain sizes
  • John Guest Tank Tap
  • Stage 1 Sediment Filter
  • Stage 2 Coconut Carbon Filtration protects membrane from chlorine damage
  • Stage 3 Ultra Fine TFC Membrane produces up to 378 litres per day of high purity water 0.0005 micron
  • Stage 4 Coconut Carbon Filtration provides superb tasting drinking water


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