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What is the Best Water Filter?

When choosing a water filtration systems there are many things to consider, do I want a countertop water filter or would a more discrete under sink water filter out of view suit my needs better?

There are many different water filters available it can be difficult choosing the best water filter and water filtration system, even after spending hours on the internet reading all the water filter reviews, recommendations and comparisons.  What is the best water filter?  Which water filter should I buy?  Which water filter is right for me?  What factors should I consider?

If you have put in the time going through the various forums you will have found that by necessity most people’s reviews and recommendations are of filtration systems that they have owned, so it’s difficult to get the view of someone who is familiar with all the major brands. Clear Choice have been involved in servicing and installing water filtration devices for over 20 years, we are not tied into one brand as we are an independent family owned Australian business, this means that we can supply and install the best water filters to match your situation. Here is a list of the choices available and the pros and cons of each:

Countertop Water Filters

Water Filter Jugs

Pros: Inexpensive to buy, convenient and easy to use.

Cons: Slow to filter water, some models can clog easily, short life of cartridges making cost per litre expensive, limited on amount of contaminants that they can remove.

Water Distillers

Pros: Can remove all contaminants from the water.

Cons: Distilled water is extremely pure and needs to be fed through a carbon filter to improve taste, also any beneficial minerals that may be in the water are removed. Distillers can be expensive to buy and maintain, they also require a great deal of energy to produce pure water. The process is very slow.

Ceramic Urns

Pros: Water tastes good, inexpensive, can be made to suit kitchen decor.

Cons:  Low flow rate (1-3 litres per hour), Set up is fragile, breaks easily, allowing bad water through undetectable cracks, cleaning results in removal of ceramic layer; over time, filter life is short. Urns can develop hair line cracks which can cause a build up of bacteria, in fact some manufacturers recommend that the urn is replaced every 2 years. Take up a lot of bench space.

Bench Top Carbon Filters 

Pros: Housings are durable and last a long time, can be fitted with multiple cartridges to remove a wide range of contaminants, cartridges can be chosen to suit taste or budget. Good for rental properties.

Cons: Clutters countertop and needs to be attached to kitchen tap outlet.

Under Sink Water Filters

Carbon and Ceramic Water Filters

Pros: Filters large amounts of water, can be configured to remove specific contaminants, great in use per litre cost. All you see is the tap the entire water filter system fits neatly under the sink. Cartridges last a long time less maintenance.

Cons: Requires install by licensed plumber, system needs to comply with relevant plumbing codes in each state. Some carbon cartridges are not NSF standard or certified to remove contaminants such as lead or chloramines, always check with the dealer and ask for certification.

Reverse Osmosis

Pros: Filters large amounts of water, will remove all contaminants, great in use per litre cost.

Cons: Wastes water some RO systems will send 4 litres of water to drain for every 1 litre of water produced, when selecting a system always ask about waste ratio – the best modern water filter systems now run 1:1. This ratio depends on many factors including incoming water quality, ambient temperature and pressure. A holding tank is required under the sink to hold the pure water as the process is very slow.

UV Filters

Pros: Removes a wide spectrum of bacteria, UV water treatment devices can be used for well water and surface water disinfection.

Cons: Suspended particles are a problem because microorganisms buried within particles are shielded from the UV light and pass through the unit unaffected, if the flow is too high, water will pass through without enough UV exposure. If the flow is too low, heat may build up and damage the UV lamp. If the UV light is not maintained and replaced annually it will not be effective.

Ionising Alkaline Filters

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