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Fluoride in Australian Water the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Posted by David Jamieson on September 11, 2015

Fluoride in Australian Drinking Water the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Is fluoride in drinking water a good or bad thing?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked when talking to potential customers regarding water filtration products.

As a manufacturer, seller and installer of water purifiers, the obvious answer is that fluoride is poison and that it must be removed from the water; however we believe that everyone should be able to make an informed decision based on fact. The subject of whether or not to add fluoride into drinking water is a minefield, here are just some of the headlines that are commonplace on the internet.


Fluoride in drinking water causes cancer!

We have not found an independent health report to back this up.

Fluoride in drinking water severs the spiritual connection through its effects on the pineal gland!

There are several reports that state that fluoride is highest in the pineal gland – make your own mind up on this, we are not health experts.


Fluoride is a mineral found in food, water plants and toothpaste.

Yes it is however the fluoride added to the water supply is an industrial waste product which may contain Arsenic, Mercury, Barium, Radium, Lead and more.


Water fluoridation helps protect teeth against decay, and is the most effective way of allowing everybody access to the benefits of fluoride.

Yes, however the amount fluoride received is directly related to the amount of tap water consumed.

They are thousands more arguments for and against fluoridation, you could spend years reading articles and still be in the dark. When it boils down to it there are very few articles that can actually categorically prove the case one way or another. (By the way fluoride cannot be removed from the water by boiling – just thought it was a good time to mention that!). We are experts in water filtration not health however here is our personal opinion based on our experience and reading.

FACT: Fluoride is added to most Australian water supplies at around 1.5 mg/L in order to help prevent tooth decay.

How many people drink tap water? Some people may never drink tap water, some people may only drink one glass a week – how are they getting enough fluoride to prevent tooth decay, other people may drink 8-10 glasses a day; are they consuming too much fluoride?

We strongly believe that a good diet along with good dental hygiene has had more of a positive impact on tooth decay than adding any amount of chemicals to the water supply ever will. On the flip side a bad diet of soda along with the addition of sugar to many foods, will lead to tooth decay no matter how much chemicals are pumped into our drinking water.

In summary we certainly do not take the extreme view that fluoride in the water is going to have as much extreme health impacts as most anti-fluoride campaigners would have you believe however, we also believe that everyone should have a right to choose what they are putting into their own bodies.

Choosing a Fluoride Removal Reverse Osmosis System, which removes fluoride and provides pure water, is the best decision for families who want to drink more water at home and cut out sugary soda and fruit drinks.