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We all know that Australia is a big place, but what has that got to do with water filtration?

When it comes to drinking water either from the town water source or from rain or tank water systems it pays to understand what is naturally occurring in your water along with what chemicals are added to help deliver the water safely to your home. For example the water supply going to Sydney has ammonia added to it which forms a chemical called monochloramine or chloramines, this is great for the water supplier as this compound is very much more stable than chlorine alone; the downside is that it is much more difficult to remove than chlorine. In areas where ammonia is added you require the use of a specific carbon filter such as the Omnipure Chloramine removal carbon cartridge, this will ensure that you remove this, for more reasons on why this is important please read our article regarding chloramines in the Australian water supply.

Another major factor in assessing which filter is suitable in Australia is the water hardness. In Perth Western Australia the water hardness is between 29 and 226 mg/l whilst in Melbourne Victoria it is between 10 and 26 mg/l; water hardness level below 60 mg/l is considered hard and water over 181 mg/l is considered very hard. Therefore in certain areas in WA it would be advisable to use a water filter containing phosphate or a reverse osmosis system to reduce the hardness, particularly useful when it comes to protecting expensive items such as coffee machines. Back in Melbourne however a standard twin under sink water filter will suffice unless the consumer wishes to remove fluoride from the water.

The other issue we have in Australia is tank water or bore water which will vary dramatically from one area to another, in areas with a lot of gum trees such as the Southern Highlands we would need to use a polyspun water filter to help remove discolouration caused by tannins from the leaves collecting in the gutters.

The chemicals being added to the water supply are changing constantly from state to state, some areas of Melbourne and Perth now use ammonia to treat the water supply, why not consult with one of our water filtration experts 1300 001 752 if you require information on specific filtration requirements