Arsenic in Uralla Dam

Uralla moves to bottled water after arsenic found in Kentucky Dam water supply

Uralla Shire Council has warned its residents not to drink the water following the discovery of elevated arsenic levels in the council's potable water supply.
Twenty kilolitres of bottled water was delivered on Wednesday morning, and Mayor Michael Pearce said council was looking to receive about 40 kilolitres of bottled water per day, which would be distributed through a number of locations in Uralla.

"Over the past couple of days there has been some elevated levels of arsenic in Uralla's water supply," Uralla Councillor Michael Pearce said.

Treatment of Arsenic

If in an inorganic form, arsenic can be removed or reduced by conventional water treatment processes. There are five ways to remove inorganic contaminants; reverse osmosis, activated alumina, ion exchange, activated carbon, and distillation. Filtration through activated carbon will reduce the amount of arsenic in drinking water from 40 - 70%. Anion exchange can reduce it by 90 - 100%. Reverse Osmosis has a 90% removal rate, and Distillation will remove 98%.

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