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We have put together a comprehensive knowledge base regarding the most frequent questions that we receive such as what is the best water filter or do water filters remove fluoride. If there are any questions that you cannot find here please feel free to contact us and we will answer your questions as soon as is practicable.

What is the best water filter to use in Sydney?

What is the best water filter to use in Sydney? This is a question that we get asked almost every day, we will try and answer this in the following article. If you do not want to read the technical stuff please contact us for honest expert advice. What is in Sydney...


We all know that Australia is a big place, but what has that got to do with water filtration?When it comes to drinking water either from the town water source or from rain or tank water systems it pays to understand what is naturally occurring in your water along with...

What is a whole of house water filter?

Whole of House Water Filters Do you need one and what do they do? What is a whole of house water filter? A whole house filter is any filtration unit that is placed between the incoming water supply and your home, whether this be main town water or tank water. The main...

Reverse osmosis and water filters how many stages

How many stages do I need my water filter to have, what is the difference between a three stage reverse osmosis system and a four, five, six or even seven stage reverse osmosis system?This is a common question that we hear regularly there are many systems available,...

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