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Omnipure OMB 934 Chloramine Removal




OMNIPURE OMB 934 Lead and Chloramine removal cartridge made in USA

This filter is a standard size 10″ x 2.5″ suits most water filter housings.

Why do we need to have a chloramine removal cartridge?

Many water boards are now adding ammonia to the water supply, if you live in Sydney the water now contains monochloramines or chloramines. This is very difficult to remove by using standard carbon filtration, the water flow needs to be slowed to a trickle in order for some standard carbon block filters to be effective. This cartridge has been designed and in the USA where chloramines have been such an issue that Erin Brockovich has become one of the many campaigners to remove this from the drinking water supply.

One of the many issues that are caused by having chloramines in the water is the leaching of lead from old soldered plumbing fittings fortunately this cartridge also contains a lead removal media which a lot of other carbon cartridges do not have.

The cartridge will remove lead up to 9,800 litres and chlorine up to 24,500 litres.


0.4 Micron nominal 1 micron absolute filtration

10″ x 2.5″ which is industry standard size for water filter cartridges


OMB934 1M Chloramines


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