Omnipure USA Twin Undersink Water Filter



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First stage filter is a 1 micron polypropylene sediment filter for removal of sand, silt , dirt and rust particles.

Second stage filter is a 0.5 micron carbon cartridge, made in USA it will remove chlorine, and cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

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Hand Built in Australia by fully licensed plumbers

What else comes with the system?

2 x 10″ housings with STAINLESS STEEL mounting bracket (assembled)

 2 x 1/4″ speed fit connectors

1 x 550 kpa Pressure limiting/check valve

1 x mains water connection tee

1 x Housing Spanner

3 Metres of Tubing 1/4″ (white)

1 x 100% Coconut Carbon Cartridge 0.5 micron made in the USA 10″ x 2.5″ (Industry standard size)

1 x 1 micron sediment cartridge 10′ x 2.5″ (Industry standard size)

Choice of NSF Certified Tap – (tap images are below main image)